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EMPORIA, Kan. - Holton, Andale and Hugoton are the only undefeated teams in class 4A, but there should still be some great match-ups before the final game.

Early Round
Ulysses (5-4) at Wellington (6-3)
Wellington survived a scare last weekend at Chaparral, and survived a weak district. Ulysses was in a tough district and played a tough schedule all season, if there is going to be an early round upset, it will happen here.
Prediction: Ulysses 27-17

EMPORIA, Kan. - Another big bracket, this one contains some of the state's top low classification teams. There are some great match-ups late and couple of good early rounders, let's take a look at them.

Early Round Fun
Osage City (6-3) at Central Heights (4-5)
Upset alert, Central Heights it the higher seeded team, but Osage City came out of one of the toughest districts out there. The Indians should earn the win here, but face a tough test on the road.
Prediction: Osage City 34-17

EMPORIA, Kan. - In 2-1A there are a lot of good teams to talk about, so we'll just look at the good match-ups in the first and late rounds and the eventual state champion.

Intriguing First Rounders
Troy (5-4) at Valley Falls (5-4)
Troy is coming off a big win at Wathena to make the playoffs and with both teams entering at 5-4 one could likely move on a guarantee a winning season.
Prediction: Troy 21-10

There are a lot of lower seeded teams that enter week one with a losing record, most of the intriguing match-ups will come later on in competition.

EMPORIA, Kan. - In 8-man Division I, the play this season has been exciting and there are some great match-ups as we head into state play.

Week One Match-Ups
Madison (8-1) at Baileyville B&B (9-0)
Madison Coach Fred McClain said in today's Emporia Gazette that he relished the fact that for once the expectations weren't on his team. Madison has been the top seeded team for three straight season's, this year they get to go on the road and play a team that is expected to win. Henry Ott is back at Quarterback and looked last night like he may have gotten his stride back. If Ott has a good game Madison could surprise B&B here.
Prediction: Madison 48-45

EMPORIA, Kan. - Eight man two has been a two pony race most of the season, with Hanover and Victoria favored and nearly going wire to wire. However, Victoria lost in district play and now Otis-Bison has emerged as someone to watch. The East half of the bracket features some intriguing match-ups as does the West, overall this could be a very fun bracket to watch.

Week One Intrigue
The teams get started with Tuesday match-ups next week. Here's a match-up by match-up prediction and breakdown for week one.

Wilson (4-5) at Hanover (8-1)
Hanover's only loss came to 8-man one's top ranked squad in Baileyville B&B, and should win easily here against Wilson who fought their way out of a weak bracket.
Prediction: Hanover 55-7

EMPORIA, Kan. - So we're at District final weekend, this is what to watch for. I'll denote whether the game is on Thursday or Friday. Hope you get to enjoy some.


District 1
Shawnee Mission West at Shawnee Mission East (Thursday Game)
East had more touble against Shawnee Mission North and Shawnee Mission Northwest, but it is at their home field and the district championship is on the line. West has had a potent offense while East has gotten it done defensively, should be fun to watch, plus a rare high class Thursday match-up. I give the edge to East, if their offense starts rolling it could be a long night.

What to Watch for: 10-23 Edition

EMPORIA, Kan. - It's a Friday night in Kansas, district play is firing at all cylinders and it's an amazing night to be a sports fan. If you're setting their thinking about what it is you should watch tonight, allow your liberal sportsman to let you know where you should go.

Western Kansas

Otis-Bison at Victoria

I could have gone with Hutchison vs. Hays here, but I once told a young man, that 8-man football can be just as fun to watch as the big boys. This game should be fun to watch, Victoria has been amazing so far this year, at 7-0, but the Cougars of Otis-Bison have also played well. I think Victoria will win, but Otis-Bison can really make a statement here and earn a spot in the playoffs outright.

EMPORIA, Kan. - So here are the districts to watch at the 4A and 3A level. We're one week and looking for who's going to end up on top.


District 1

Someone requested a look a Holton's district, and I will not disappoint. Holton opened with an expected win over Atchison, giving them a shot at the district title. The only hurdle in the Wildcats way could be the Tigers of Jefferson West. I think it should be a fine game to watch.

Game to Watch: Jefferson West vs. Holton

Jefferson West and Holton share the like opponent of Atchison County. The Wildcats rolled, but so did the Tigers. Look for Holton to take this match-up in a big win proving they deserve their second in the state ranking.

EMPORIA, Kan. - This column is for you guys out their who love you football, love your baseball, love your basketball... heck I'll even let you love your NASCAR. But you might be that guy out their who's daughter has just decided she's in to volleyball. Now you have to go to all the matches... but volleyball's not like football, baseball or NASCAR.

To sell the sport short though would be a travesty. Volleyball can be very entertaining, very athletics and just plain fun to watch. Case in point tonight's match between #8 Emporia State and #7 Washburn. Their was never a dull moment in the match as the crowd of 2,156 looked on. You had story lines, athletes that put others shame and one of the best matches played in the nation.

Let's start with the story lines, if you haven't read about the Shepard Twins and their volleyball playing yet, you've missed out. Two time All-American Arica attends Emporia State while her sister Ashley decided on rival Washburn. The two have both helped keep their respective schools in the AVCA Top 25, and most week's in the top ten.

5A and 6A District Previews

EMPORIA, Kan. - It's district football season in Kansas, and here's your guide to what to watch for, where to watch it at... and who I think is going to be around on Thanksgiving weekend. So we'll start going class by class, I'll give you a look at some of the best games for you money. Check back on Monday for a breakdown of Class 4A through Class 1A and Tuesday I'll tackle 8-man.


District 1,2,3

The three best teams in the east are all three in different districts which means, alot of lousy football played out east. Shawnee Mission West should roll through district number one and likely be joined by Shawnee Mission Northwest in the state playoffs.
I feel like Olathe East is incredibly overrated in district two, but they should escape to the playoffs. I like Blue Valley Northwest to upset them though and take top prize in district two. In district three Olathe North may be the best team in all of 6A, and should have no trouble making it through districts. Olathe South could find their way out of District play as well.

Game to Watch: Olathe East vs. Blue Valley Northwest

This is a trap game for Olathe East, I think it screams upset for the overrated Hawks

What to Watch For 10-16 Edition

EMPORIA, Kan. - It's a Friday night in Kansas, district play is starting (look back here for a class by class breakdown next week) and it's an amazing night to be a sports fan. If you're setting their thinking about what it is you should watch tonight, allow your liberal sportsman to let you know where you should go.

Western Kansas

Great Bend at Hays

This game is a Lewis Field on the campus of Fort Hays State University and will be in front of a large crowd. This is a rivalry game and Hays will take the field looking to prove their legitimacy. If one of these two teams is going to compete in the toughest district in the state of Kansas (others: Hutch and McPherson) they are going to have to start by making a statement tonight. I think Hays will take the game, but it will not be easy.

Central Kansas

Hutchinson at McPherson

Seriously if you live within 50 miles of McPherson this game is well worth the drive. At the field, which is turf, behind McPherson High School. The Salthawks truly have been the greatest show on turf this season, putting up video game like numbers and rolling to easy victories....BUT last week against Goddard, the Lions were able to hold HHS to only seven points in the first quarter. Coach Randy Dreiling said in an interview this week that they were caught off guard. The Bulldogs must take advantage and blitz early and often and keep the Salthawk offense on their toes and they must put the football in the endzone early and build a lead, otherwise HHS has been the best second half team in the state. I still think Hutch will be playing in Emporia come Thanksgiving weekend, but if there is one team that could upset them before that Championship game, McPherson is that team.

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