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Tea Party Losing Steam?

tea-party-mad-hatter.jpgEMPORIA, Kan. - "Liberty" group's film was poorly attended. A small group of "Patriot" activists put on a video extolling the dangers to the liberty of citizenry from the current federal government. The usual suspects were discussed, offshore, foreign entities controlling the Federal Reserve and usurping American sovereignty. In a discussion session following the video, topics ranged from the unconstitutional nature of requiring permits for Tea Party demonstrations in Emporia to the unconstitutionality of states requiring childhood vaccinations.

The promoter cited U.S. Rep. Ron Paul favorably but also suggested that the government is unduly influenced by The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburg folks. Perhaps this is a sign of the coming redirection of the Tea Party movement (falling back into the debunked conspiracy theories of the past) or maybe it represents a fracturing of the movement.

HAYS, Kan. - Kansas Secretary of State Chris Biggs will be on hand as the Ellis County Democratic Party opens its 2010 Election Headquarters on Wednesday, September 29 at 6 p.m.

The headquarters is located at 107 W. 10th Street in Hays. Please come and welcome the Secretary of State, take some yards signs to show your support for the candidates, and let the Democratic Party in Ellis County know how you can help.

GREAT BEND, Kan. - In his twelve short years of living in Kansas, Mike Pompeo misses the obvious in so many ways.

One of the primary jobs of the 4th Congressional District Congressman is to make sure Wichita continues it's historic role as the arsenal for our fighting men and women around the globe.

Uncle Sam and Wichita have a long and successful partnership in building the best airplanes for our fighting men and women. But Pompeo doesn't think that, as a Congressman, he should do anything to nurture this relationship between Kansas and the United States of America's military. He's against "Big Government," and wants to slash spending. But what if "Big Government" is your friend?

Whether the 4th District Congressman is Garner Shriver, or Dan Glickman or Todd Tiahrt, it is the duty of the Wichita Congressman to "bring jobs back to Kansas" in the form of defense contracts to build airplanes.

WICHITA, Kan. - Kansas NOW is proud to be a co-sponsor for the Women in Government Forum at Wichita State University. The forum's intent is to open the discussion of women in politics, specifically relating to gender within the context of the modern political landscape. The forum is the first of its kind at Wichita State University.

Panel participants will be Senator and Lieutenant Governor candidate Kelly Kultala, Senator and former 4th Congressional District candidate Senator Jean Schodorf, City Councilwoman, LaVonta Williams and USD 259 School Board Member, Barbara Fuller.

Progressives AWOL?

BASEHOR, Kan. - In the past 12 hours, through a conversation at a party, and a magazine article, I've had confirmation of something that's been bothering me for months.

Last night I sat and talked with a woman whom I've met a couple of times before at parties. While we've never talked politics before, last night we discussed our feelings and attitudes about the current situation with the Federal government, and politics in general. She allowed as how she generally votes for Republican candidates, although she does her homework and votes for the candidate rather than the party. She said that, of all the politicians she could think of, the one who impressed her the most was Bill Clinton. She went on at some length about his intellectual brilliance, policy wonkishness, and command of seemingly trivial details that made the difference in so many arm-twisting sessions with political opponents. And, despite her grave disappointment in his philandering, she still gave him the benefit of the doubt when it came to governing. My response, which I've made numerous times before, is that even the most conservative among the American people would much rather trust a philanderer than they'd trust someone who'd steal their money and tell them it was for their own good--i.e., Republicans. She laughed and said that she agreed.

Do We Need Brownback Back in Kansas?

COLBY, Kan. - Senator Sam Brownback is retiring from the U.S. Senate. Let's make his retirement from elected office permanent.

I didn't get to see or listen to the debate between Holland and Brownback at the Kansas State Fair, but from comments I've heard from others, it was quite interesting and Tom tossed out a few burning coals for Sam to try dancing over.

This url has some very interesting information. Check it out.

Let's Get to Work!

GREAT BEND, Kan. - Complaining and criticizing are easy. Putting thoughts into action is the hard part. Many of us complain about our governments out of control spending, our society's treatment of others, and the way our society is heading. Few of us do more than complain.

I like people that put things into action; people that invest in their communities through hard work. Adopting a child alleviates the state from paying for a child in foster care each month, you are helping the government spend less, giving a foster child a home (some go through the system, never to be adopted), and investing in our societies future.

Enough of the Tea Parties!

tea.jpgDODGE CITY, Kan. - How long do we have to keep listening politely while our friends and neighbors get fooled into believing the gibberish they are fed by Fox News? The biggest stockholder of News Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, is Rupert Murdoch, the official owner. The second largest is Walid bin Talil, a practicing Muslim. Yet, Fox News, through its various hired commentators (think Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc.) continues to spew forth hatred, saying our president, Barack Obama, is a Muslim. If their company's ownership is shared by a Muslim, do they really care about Obama's religion? Or do they just want to raise an issue to tear down this administration? It's pretty obvious they want to inflame and cause emotional turmoil. They want people to be frightened, angry, and bewildered, so they can be duped into believing what Fox puts out.

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