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HUTCHINSON, Kan. - A press conference was held today at Prairie Independent Living Resource Center (PILR) at 17 S. Main, Hutchinson, to discuss the impact of budget cuts on Kansans in need of services.

The news conference coincided with House Social Services Budget Sub-committee hearings in Topeka regarding the Social and Rehabilitative Services (SRS) budget where Christine Owens, PILR Executive Director, was scheduled to give testimony. Speakers at the news conference included citizen Dawn Allenbach and agency representatives from PILR, Unlimited Mobility L.L.C., Promise Regional Medical Center and Horizons Mental Health Center.

Safety Net Clinic Wins Grant

DODGE CITY, Kan. - Joy and great satisfaction were evident in the room when Bill Hammond announced that Dodge City's Oral Health Coalition had been awarded a $50,000 grant for their Oral Health Safety Net Clinic for it's first year of operation, and another $25,00 for year two. The award was the result of an application to the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund to help start a clinic which would function as an aid to those Southwest Kansans who are not able to access dental services that they desperately need.

It's All Connected...

WICHITA, Kan. - As President Obama prepares for the bipartisan healthcare summit on Thursday, and in light of the increasingly uncertain future of current healthcare reform efforts in Congress, I thought it might be worthwhile to point out two policy areas that, while not seeming to be directly connected to healthcare, would, were they to be dealt with effectively, have a substantial impact on healthcare costs and effects in this country. We could call this, "how to deal with healthcare without dealing with healthcare."

The first is food policy, and the second is transportation policy. The relation of these to healthcare is evinced by a recent Newsweek article on heart disease, in which both were mentioned. I would venture to say that with the exception of quitting smoking, no two factors would have a larger impact on heart disease than these.

TOPEKA, Kan. - I'm glad they're taking a stand on this. I can't see how denying Kansans health insurance makes anyone more free. Such a problem to have; being all tied up with health insurance. Here's the press release:

The Topeka Branch NAACP and the Kansas State Conference of Branches NAACP will hold a Press Conference on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 3:00pm at the Docking State Office Building opposing the Kansas "Health Care Freedom" Amendment. This proposed amendment would block the implementation of any Federal Health Care Reform legislation here in Kansas. With over 300,000 Kansans uninsured, we can't afford to play these partisan games. Join us as we call on the legislature to reject this partisan anti-reform measure and to work for real health care reforms to provide quality and affordable health care for all.

For further information, please contact Rev. Ben Scott at the Topeka Branch NAACP, 26-NAACP (785-266-2227).

Kate's Law

TOPEKA, Kan. - While many Kansas legislators are doing their best to deprive Kansans of any benefits of the health reform efforts in Congress, parents of children with autism, Asperger's syndrome, and other autism spectrum conditions are working to get Kate's Law passed again this year. These parents have found that when they try to get health insurance coverage for their children, they often experience dead-ends, run-arounds, and delays. This even though autism spectrum disorders have long been documented as medical conditions that require medical treatment.

Right now many parents have to change health insurance carriers because of the current tenuous job situation. According to one of these parents, every time her family gets a new health insurance carrier, she goes through months of presenting evidence to the new carrier that her daughter, a teenager with Asperger's, does indeed have a medical condition requiring doctor's visits, drug therapy, and group therapy. This mother was able to have her child diagnosed with Asperger's as a toddler, so the girl does get the school services that she needs. However, she also must have her medical needs attended to in order to be successful in school.

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Early last week the First Lady, Michelle Obama launched her Let's Move campaign to take on the serious issue of childhood obesity and improve youth's quality of life for the future. In her interview with Larry King, Michelle Obama told about her own wakeup call to the problem. A doctor told her that her children's BMI (body mass index) had slightly increased while they were campaigning due to too much fast food and an unstable schedule. She claimed that small changes such as smaller portions, more home cooked meals, and choosing milk and water over sugary drinks and soda made a big difference in her family, and encourages the families of America to follow suit.

SALINA, Kan. - When it comes to meeting national health goals for physical activity, Mexican-Americans are the most active group in America, according to research by scholars at the University of Chicago and Arizona State University.

The study focused on whites, Mexican-Americans and blacks to learn more about health disparities between those groups.

The research challenges other studies that claimed non-Hispanic whites are most likely to be physically active.

SALINA, Kan. - Although relatively rare, pancreatic cancer remains one of the most deadly, and only 5 percent of people who are diagnosed are alive five years later. Pancreatic cancer rates have increased nearly twofold over the recent decades.

COLBY, Kan. - 1 out of every 6 Americans do not have access to any physicians or medical care at all. Another 2 out of every 6 Americans are woefully under-insured and, due to insurance restrictions or high copay amounts, are unable to get even basic health care needs met on a consistent basis.

Among the 36 percent of U.S. adults age 18 and older who needed to see a specialist in 2007, about 8 percent reported that getting to see one was a big problem, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

While the national survey did not ask respondents why they said that getting to see a specialist was a big problem, research shows that reasons for difficulty accessing specialty care can include lack of health insurance, specialist non-participation in patients' health insurance plans, difficulty contacting specialists; lengthy wait times to get an appointment, and specialist location.

TOPEKA, Kan.- The Kansas State Nurses Association (KSNA) will hold its 34th annual public policy day on Thursday, February 11 at the Topeka Performing Arts Center. Over 1,000 nurses and nursing students from across the state are expected to attend. Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson will welcome the group and provide opening comments at 9 a.m.

The purpose of the day is to discuss policy issues that impact the practice of nursing and the delivery and financing of health care. Andrew Allison, PhD, Acting Executive Director of the Kansas Health Policy Authority, will be the keynote speaker at 11:15 a.m. The Kansas Health Policy Authority is the principal health care agency for the state of Kansas. Established in 2005, KHPA serves as the single state Medicaid agency in Kansas, administering the medical portion of the Kansas Medicaid program, as well as the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP, also known as "HealthWave"); MediKan, which provides coverage for certain low-income, disabled Kansans; the State Employee Health Program; and the State Self- Insurance Fund (SSIF), which provides workers compensation coverage to state employees.

DODGE CITY, Kan. - I was moved to write this article after reading the fascinating one concerning third trimester abortions and the flood of comments that followed. It made me think that there are many facts still not revealed about what happens in these cases. My knowledge comes from the time I visited Dr. Tiller's clinic as a new State Representative in the Kansas House. We had been invited, if we were interested in coming to Wichita, to learn what really happens there. I sent in my RSVP and arrived at the gate to present my ID. Dr. Tiller had been shot in the arm previously, so there was, already, a tall fence--a barricade, really, around the clinic. I drove my car to the gate and the guard at the gate allowed me to drive into the compound. There were protesters across the street, holding signs.

The Truth About Third Term Abortion

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Okay, now that that dirtbag Scott Roeder has been put away where he rightfully belongs, can we please, as a country, grow up and discuss this issue out loud? I mean, really discuss it? Because if we leave things as they are, abortion providers are in trouble. Women are in trouble.

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