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WASHINGTON - Politico has a story today about the Kansas Congressman with real C Street "Fellowship" credibility, Jerry Moran. We've previously reported the indelible ties of Sam Brownback and Todd Tiahrt to the C Street "Fellowship" (here, here, and here). But, according to Politico, the Kansas Congressman that has really benefited from his close association with C Street is Jerry Moran.

Moran, who, along with KS-04 Congressman Todd Tiahrt, is engaged in the race to succeed Sam Brownback in the United States Senate, has received many more notable endorsements in his bid for the Senate seat, especially from sitting United States Senators.

WICHITA, Kan. - The 7th Annual Tallgrass Film Festival takes place this weekend in Wichita.

It is a 3 day Independent film festival taking place in 6 different downtown locations. It is the largest film festival in Kansas and features over 100 films. Visit the website to purchase tickets, see the schedule of films, you can even plan and create your personal schedule for the weekend.

This will be the third year that I will be attending the Opening Night Gala. It always features an excellent film followed by a fun after party with food, an open bar and entertainment. Tonight's Gala features a film called The Good Indian.

WICHITA, Kan. - Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon evidently thought he was being cute this week when he mocked the intelligence of Kansans. jaynixonAs reported by the Wichita Eagle's Editorial Board Blog, WE Blog:

"...Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has poked fun at the intelligence of Kansans. When asked this week whether an expansion of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Dental School could end up training dentists for Kansas, Nixon dismissed the notion that some graduates might want to practice in Kansas. "But it's so obvious when you cross the state line," Nixon said as the 100 or so in the audience laughed and applauded, the Kansas City Star reported. "People just start talking slower."

27,000 Newly Uninsured Kansans

WICHITA, Kan. - According to a report released on Tuesday by Families USA, a national nonprofit focusing on the achievement of high quality health care for all Americans, 27,000 Kansans lost their health insurance in 2009.

According to the Families USA press release...

Approximately 27,000 people in Kansas lost health insurance coverage in 2009 due to a rise in unemployment, according to a report issued today by the health consumer organization Families USA. According to the report, the state's average unemployment rate in 2008 was 4.4 percent, while the average rate this year was 6.6 percent, thereby resulting in losses of health coverage.

WICHITA, Kan. - Late yesterday, news broke that former KS-04 Congressman ('76-'94) and Clinton USDA Secretary Dan Glickman was not renewing his lucrative contract with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Glickman, whose contract expires in September 2010, said...

"I'm going to be 65 next month, and it just struck me this is a good time to really move on back into the world of either academia, public service or nonprofits."

We've been pondering a possible run by Glickman for either Kansas Governor, since KDP Chairman Larry Gates bowed out last Friday, or the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sam Brownback, who is leaving the post in 2010 to seek the office of the Kansas Governor.

WICHITA, Kan. - Featured on the DailyKos today is a KS-04 Roundup of all the challengers for the Congressional seat, and the rather amazing fundraising feat performed by Kansas State Representative Raj Goyle in his bid for the KS-04 Congressional seat.

Important to note: Goyle out-raised four-out-of-the-five Republican challengers--combined--for the KS-04 seat, amounting to nearly $3,500 per day in fundraising. The next closest challenger in the fundraising race was Wichita oilman and Wichita Wild arena football league owner, Wink Hartman, who, for the two weeks he was in the KS-04 race in the last quarter, raised just over $1,000 per day.

WICHITA, Kan. - Yesterday, I reported on the October quarterly filings by challengers to the open Congressional seat in KS-04, currently held by Todd Tiahrt. We weren't able to report on how two of the challengers, State Senator Jean Schodorf and Jim Anderson, had performed in the October quarterly, because they chose not to e-file, thereby adding 48-72 hours to the Federal Election Commission's reporting.

WICHITA, Kan. - In a week where Raj Goyle hit a campaign fundraising record that no other challenger to KS-04 has ever reached, it appears the Republican challengers to that seat performed rather... well... boringly.

Here's the run down...

WICHITA, Kan. - Federal Election Commission disclosures are starting to roll in for the fundraising quarter that ended September 30, and State Representative and Democratic candidate for Congress in KS-04 Raj Goyle secured himself a role among the titans of prolific Kansas Democratic fundraisers.

From the Goyle campaign...

WICHITA, Kan. - Dick Kelsey spent some more of his own hard earned dollars to showcase some of his top brass supporters for his bid for Congress in KS-04. Last week, Kelsey posted this radio spot featuring Kansas GOP Presidential caucus winner Gov. Mike Huckabee in a strong endorsement.

(Script of Huckabee Spot after the jump.)

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