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Tax Reform ?

Taxes is certainly on most everyone's mind, this time of year. Everyone seems to have a little difference of opinion on just how to 'reform' taxes. The issues vary by geography, financial position, priority of public needs, etc etc. Local, state, and national taxes must be included in the formulas and who benefits, who pays, and how it affects society is a very important part of the debate.

Old Timer's Ramblings

It's been awhile since I contributed to KFP or Citizens United. I'm submitting this to both venues.

Yep, I'm still a registered Democrat and identify with Christianity as my religious affiliation. I am actively interested and involved in both of those areas. Thus, I'm zealous. That doesn't mean I'm a zealot. I try not to be belligerent, warlike or intolerant. I enjoy lively debate on the pros and cons of issues. I tune in on all the debates and town hall meetings, I have time for. I have studied many religions and try to understand their origin and basis. I research denominational variants of Christianity, and, believe me, there are many. I devote personal and group time to study the accepted Christian Bible and how it relates to our present times and issues.

We, in the United States. live in a diverse society that includes numerous religious groups and variants of all those groups. We have political and economic opinions that cover the spectrum from every conceivable extreme.


It's been awhile since I posted anything on KFP. But, I still have my opinions and interpretations of the political scene in our state and nation. That scene is about as topsy turvy as it has ever been. Yes, I'm still a registered democrat and trust the overall intent of the democratic platform. Yes, I still identify myself as Christian (Still under construction.)

I don't agree with all planks of the Demo platform and I don't agree with everyone on what it means to be Christian.

Justice ?

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! That seems to be the nature of man. There is never an ending to the violence, so long as that is considered the solution.

Ferguson is on fire after the Grand Jury decision. The violent protestors can't even claim their reaction is 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. It is simply hooliganism that will bring great harm to those who honestly believe the Grand Jury did not weigh the evidence fairly. It justifies the use of physical and even lethal force from the law enforcement department to protect life and property.

Our system provides recourse for appeal through request for Federal investigation. Like it or not, we are a United States of America and our constitution empowers the Federal government to intervene, if evidence shows inequitable protection of human rights and property by State or Local governments. It also protects State and Local governments from armed rebellion from whatever source.

The community of Ferguson doesn't need outside agitators, politicians, or, religious leaders. What they need is level headed presentation from both white and black leaders, from within the community. The term 'level headed' excludes the radical extremists of either racial or religious leaders.

Common sense and history reveals that injustices occur. Whites in black communities suffer from prejudice and blacks in white communities suffer from prejudice. Racial and religious prejudice is evident in most every society.

Survival is a natural instinct in every living organism. We, humans, are taught, by our experience and the advice of other's experiences, to be wary of others who are different from ourselves. If we learn to tolerate each other and overlook minor infractions or differences we find ourselves being able to share and enjoy relationships that benefit all of us. Sibling rivalry is a natural instinct. If not controlled, it can develop into prejudice that destroys a family. Control can come from several sources. Other siblings, parents, and peers can intervene. Society can intervene in the racial prejudice and violence that is present in Ferguson and around the country.

Psychology of Fundraising

I receive 30 or 40 emails declaring all is lost if I don't send in $3 to $5 immediately. Disaster is just around the corner and if I can send in a dollar it will be matched. If I sent in $3 for every email it would add up to several hundred dollars pretty quickly.

I might experience a real disaster if at the end of the season i can't pay all my current bills and satisfy my operating loan repayment at the bank. My operation will cease to exist. Government seems to survive and recover, in spite of the fact that it doesn't always respect or reflect by priorities or standards.

I can't help but wonder if they are selling chances on a dead horse, when you read the alarming news that disaster will strike if they miss their deadline of midnight tonight.

Democrat news from KS

The latest email is announcing a big reception with Paul Davis in Wichita. That's great, but some of us are 5 hrs and a lot of miles from Wichita. We get 20 or 30 emails per day telling us all the negatives about the opposition spending tons of money and asking us to send in 3, 5, or more dollars to counteract all that opposition funding. We seldom ever get any positive emails or information on intended agenda or positions on issues from the candidates, themselves.

It surely doesn't cost anymore money to send us information on issues discussed, questions asked, candidate's answers, etc. Most of us don't need any information on the negative side of the Republican candidates. I'm sure the majority of us reading KFP are Progressives, Liberals or Independents, who already know what our opinions are of the incumbents or Republicans. Negative political advertising may produce results, but there are some of us who are just plain tired of it.

Give us a positive reason to vote for the Democratic or Independent candidate. I'd rather think I'm voting for someone or something instead of just negatively voting against things. I'm never impressed with single issue candidates, even if I'm in agreement with them on that issue. I've served on Boards that had members who were elected on single issues and those members are seldom good at discussing or solving other issues.

I won't be voting for Brownback, Huelscamp, Roberts, or Kobach. (I'd rather vote for my good old chocolate lab, Bubba! He's big and friendly and doesn't have a mean streak in him. He won't share his meal with the cat, but neither does he try stealing the cat's dish.) But, I would like to know what or who I'm voting for to replace them. If I don't know either candidate, I think it safer to vote for the Democrat, but it would really be nice to know a little something about them, more than just that they need money to fund their campaign.

What better or more economical way could you get positive news to the electorate than email, Kansas Free Press, or Everyday Citizen? Incumbents send out news letters bragging about the positives for themselves (legitimate or not) and all the half truths and negatives about the other side. Newspapers give preference to sitting legislators on their op-ed pages. But, they will, also, print concise and well written letters from candidates and their supporters. Let's not waste the opportunity to present positive ideas and solutions with diatribes about the negatives of the other side. Even partisan biased newspapers will print a few letters from the other side.

I copied and pasted from Rep. Huelskamp's news letter the following.

"On Thursday afternoon, a strong bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives joined me to pass America's Small Business Tax Relief Act of 2014 (HR 4457). This needed bill encourages small business job creators to invest new capitol in equipment. This bill would lock in Section 179 expense levels at $500,000 allowing small businesses to plan with certainty." They joined you or did you finally decide to join them? You've been on the negative side, even with your own party leaders on many issues. Isn't that what cost Kansas any reprentation on the Agriculture Committee?

Thank you Tim, for supporting something 'bi-partisan' that might benefit someone in the middle income category. I surely hope the Tea Party radicals don't hang you out to dry for crossing the line and cooperating with those liberal Dems.

I'll give credit and say thanks, regardless of sex, race, orientation, religion, politics, etc. to anyone who supports what I think is a good bill or practice.

Now Rep. Tim, can you tell us where you've been these last several years that you didn't know the Vets were having problems with their access to Veteran's benefits? I've known some personally that were not getting very good access down through the years. They had those problems before Barack Obama was ever heard of on the national scene in politics. Those problems have existed through all administrations, whether Democrat or Republican. I'm also of the opinion that the lowest income level Vets had more problems than someone with money and social or political clout.

Were you too busy fighting Obama and any program he might have suggested or backed? You have bragged about not compromising or giving ground on any issue that didn't suit the extreme right conservative line. Stalemate to the point of bankrupting the national economy certainly doesn't appeal to me as being what your constituents really need.

I don't know whether Rep. Huelskamp will ever read this or not. But, I hope someone does and will confront him on these issues.

Sanctimonius Censorship

"Bare Brained Idiocy", or is it Bare Breasted Phobia?

"A teacher who takes a field trip to the state capitol and suddenly notes the bare breasted woman in the artwork in the rotunda can be accused of recklessly exposing students to nudity.
Think it's far-fetched? The lead proponent of this legislation is the American Family Association in Kansas which has been leading an effort to force the removal of a sculpture of a bare-breasted woman from a public arboretum in Johnson County, going so far as to successfully petition to impanel a grand jury on the issue."

Are those folks worried about my losing control of my inhibitions and assaulting someone or are they worried that they won't be able to control their own libido when exposed to such tempting visual reality?

It's all Eve's fault. She took a bite of the apple and seduced Adam into tasting it. That account of man's fall from grace has plagued man's relationship with his fellow human beings and God, since time began.

Beautiful is beautiful, whether it is a naked rose petal or a naked human body. God created both and endowed man with the ability to see that beauty. I envy the artist's ability to portray that beauty on canvas or stone.

Extremism isn't the answer

Where is the middle?

I'm glad we don't find as much attack on Christianity, here on KFP, as we do on so many other liberal and progressive sights. The extreme religious right are not in the majority in our society, or even in the majority of our Christian groups.

We find bigots and extremists in both the Christian groups and the anti-Christian groups.

I will not be coerced by either group. My faith is not threatened by the zealots on either side.

no comprehendi

No Sam won't ever understand women!

Does he understand himself? Is he in favor of education? If so, how does he justify cutting funds? How is the system going to double kindergarten hours with diminished funds?

Does he understand our system of government? Independent courts are hard to come by, if one branch has authority to appoint them. Does he only think the courts should okay his perception of fair funding?

Does he understand responsibility? Women are responsible to deliver babies, but society isn't responsible for the culture and environment? We'll protect that fetus until birth and then it is the woman's responsibility thereafter. Cut off all those freebies and she'll learn.

He will invite the corporations to take over agriculture and move the profits out of state. Those corporations will deal directly with manufacturers and suppliers and bring in labor on a seasonal need. Does he know or understand what makes a community a community?

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