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TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas women are truly "going through hell" living, working and coping with the repercussions of Brownback's chosen policies, but we must keep going! NOW is not the time to give up!

The grassroots response and outcry surrounding the recent domestic violence debacle in Topeka reminds us of the power that we hold. Women's rights advocates and supporters are capable of changing public policy. This is possible in our local communities and at the state level. We must be diligent, ever watchful and forceful in our response to injustice.

Marry ME, Sam!

WICHITA, Kan. - Governor Brownback wants all of the single Kansas moms to say, "I do," especially those on any kind of government assistance. He's even offering to pay for some coercion (I mean "counseling") to get all those single ladies in the mood for matrimony.

Heck, he'll even pay for the marriage license. How sweet of a deal is that? "We'll just put this ring on your finger little lady, sign on the dotted line and now you have become some other chump's responsibility." Welfare mom problem solved!

Governor Brownback, the women of Kansas have a proposal for you!

We, the women of Kansas, take you, Sam to be our wedded governor. To have and to scold for the next 4 years, for better or worse. It won't get worse, will it?

A Reproductive Roast!

WICHITA, Kan. - Governor Brownback has certainly been no friend to reproductive justice in Kansas. He has signed numerous anti-choice bills into law, which have resulted in several lawsuits. The women of Kansas have discovered that we must fight harder than ever to keep what remaining rights and access we have within our state. This fight does not begin and end with each legislative session, it must carry on throughout the year. Kansans must stand in support of those organizations fighting for reproductive rights in spirit, with action and with contributions.

It is a full time, high energy fight for our very rights and freedoms. Freedoms that are seemingly eroding by the minute. As the roasting of our rights commences from the governor's mansion, Kansas NOW is planning a fundraiser to enable them to continue to fight for the women of Kansas.

Join us as we serve up some BBQ, dish some dirt on the radical right and party like socialist swine...

WICHITA, Kan. - I was 19 when the original Summer of Mercy descended upon Wichita. I had moved to Wichita that very month from a small Kansas town. While I was busy trying to navigate the 'big city' and find my way back and forth from my waitressing job without getting lost, one landmark that I quickly came to rely upon was Dr. Tiller's clinic. I had to drive by it every day and it was impossible to miss with masses of people that were in front of it.

My small town upbringing had not given me cause to ever really think about abortion. I dare say that I hadn't even really formulated a view one-way or the other on the issue. Seeing those shouting people, what struck me most was the mob scene that they created. I knew I didn't like bullies and these people were most certainly bullying the women that entered that clinic.

TOPEKA, Kan. - flag-1.jpgJoin us August 6 as we STAND UNITED in a Celebration of Fairness, Equality, Patriotism, and Freedom for ALL!

UNITED WE STAND in our opposition to the Brownback administration's devastating policies that damage the quality of life of all Kansans.

UNITED WE STAND against policies aimed at forcing narrow, ideological extremism upon all Kansans.

UNITED WE STAND for equality, for jobs, for healthcare, and for quality education.

UNITED WE STAND to remind Governor Brownback that dissent is patriotic.

WICHITA, Kan. - A couple of weeks ago asked to speak at The Kansas Equality Coalition's (KEC) Gay Pride Rally in Wichita. To quote my friend Thomas Witt, "There are too many LGBTQ Kansans who are against a woman's right to choose." Lt. Dan Choi was in attendance, as was Dr. Mila Means. These two profiles in courage stood side by side in open support of each others causes.

Kansas NOW and KEC have worked together on many issues involving equal rights. While I understand that every person has their own unique mixture of beliefs, regardless of gender or their sexual identity, I personally struggle for acceptance for the anti-choice gay viewpoint. We are fighting the same political demons, after all.

There may be a few legislators who "split their votes" between these causes, voting in support of gay rights, but not in support of women's reproductive rights. For the most part, however, both groups are thrown into the same pot of evil stew by the radical wing of the GOP. They are boiling us up, adding some salt and a little pepper and will chew us up with in the same bite, if given the opportunity.

Here is the text of my speech from the Wichita Pride Rally. Enjoy it with some crackers or a nice loaf of bread...

WICHITA, Kan. - Wichita and abortion have a long and tumultuous history. The city epitomizes the climate of intolerance against this legal and necessary medical procedure. Wichita was once a town with five abortion clinics. A hostile political climate combined with organized terrorist activity, which ultimately culminated with the murder of Dr. George Tiller has successfully eliminated abortion in the city - for the time being.

We stand ready and waiting for our next physician and abortion rights champion, Dr. Mila Means, to open her clinic and offer the abortion access that this city needs. Meanwhile, the election of a new clan of anti-abortion zealots passing more restrictive laws, combined with the threats of violence against our new doctor leaves our community's fate in the balance.

Everyone is invited to come on June 24 and join Kansas NOW, Dr. Mila Means, Attorney Lee Thompson and Stephen Singular, the author of The Wichita Divide: The Murder of Dr. George Tiller and the Battle over Abortion for a discussion of the intersection of religion, politics, abortion and terrorism.

Event details here...

Kansans Are Tired!

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas NOW is "TIRED" of legislators, who in efforts to pass their moral agenda, ignore the horrifying reality of crimes such as rape.

In a recent House debate, Representative Pete DeGraaf (R- Mulvane) told women that they should plan ahead for pregnancies that they can't control. Representative Barbara Bollier (R - Mission Hills) pointed out that the insurance restrictions on abortion that were being debated did not make exceptions for unintended pregnancies (such as those resulting from rape or incest), and the two exchanged the following remarks:

Rep. Pete DeGraaf replied, "We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life?"

Bollier asked him, "And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?"

DeGraaf then responded, "I have a spare tire on my car."

I Stand with Planned Parenthood

WICHITA, Kan. - A few committed students from Wichita State University took it upon themselves to organize a rally in support of Planned Parenthood. They were compelled to do so as they watched the recent national and state attempts to defund the organization that is often the only access point to obtain low cost reproductive health care for many low income college students and other low income women within their community.

Shanna Kay Crowe contacted me and asked me to speak at the rally. I accepted and was inspired to see so many men and women across all spectrum of age, gathered to voice support for this important organization. Local media covered the event and gave great exposure to this great cause. Several people commented on the speech I gave, so I have included its text below.

Kris Kobach's Birthday FIESTA!

kris-kobach.jpgWICHITA, Kan. - Secretary of State Kris Kobach has an agenda. That agenda consists of creating road blocks to legitimate voters within the state of Kansas and the creation of racial profiling bills targeting Hispanics. Secretary Kobach's status as an illegal immigration super hero and GOP voter suppression rock star are side gigs that Kansas citizens can ill afford to fund during this time of budgetary crises. A less elaborate Missouri Voter ID bill was budgeted at a cost $14 million in three years time.

While Kobach's immigration legislation was tabled in the committee process, we anticipate seeing the re-emergence of this through the use of dubious back door legislative maneuverings via Rep Lance Kinzer either this session or next. The state of Kansas cannot afford the expensive court cases that the passage of this legislation would surely guarantee.

Kris Kobach turns 45 this Saturday and The Sedgwick County Democratic Party can see no better way to celebrate this milestone with a celebration of Hispanic culture.

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