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Let's Create a Better Future Together

MANHATTAN, Kan. - It's been a fair amount of time since I have written a truly meaningful post that is more than just me covering a story or talking about an issue. Well today I plan to make up for that with this post. This post won't be about any story - just my thoughts on what I think can move Kansas forward.

I am like many other Democrats in this state that haven't been the most thrilled with the recent happenings, out of professional courtesy I won't discuss which happenings these are, but I'm sure you can guess. One thing that is particularly dear to my heart is the Kansas Young Democrats. I took over as KYD President about 4 months ago now. I am very happy to say that we have honestly done a lot statewide. We have increased our number of chapters and taken part in the planning of health care reform rallies held in Kansas City and Wichita. We brought the first Young Democrats of America meeting to ever be held in Kansas (planned for Feb of 2011). We've done multiple community service projects and we've shown that young people have, want and deserve a voice in our state.

A Photographers Journey

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - My father, Steve Curtis, has been a photographer since I've was born. Over the years his love for photography and the arts has transformed and taken him from being a commercial photographer to a teacher and to an all around artist.

Here's a video about my dad and his journey.

I'm with Joe

n75336892920_1753803_2013536KANSAS CITY, Kan. - This is a piece I've been wanting to write for awhile now, with Joe's name appearing as a possible candidate for the KS-03 race I figured there is no better time to do so.

Before I start I want to make it clear that I do not know if Joe will jump into the race or not, I have no 'inside' information on this and think that this is a big decision for him to make with his family. With that being said if Joe is to jump into the race I am completely behind him and I think he would be great. I've wanted to write this because I feel that Kansas City, KS/ Wyandotte County often are left to handle themselves both by state politics and the state party. Candidates in KCK often run their own campaigns and don't get much support from outside the city. Over the past 7 years KCK has had a rockstar candidate, Joe Reardon.

Raising the Rent at the C Street House

WASHINGTON - A few months ago I did an interview with Jeff Sharlet, author of The Family. Jeff and I spoke about the C Street house and the involvement of certain Kansas elected officials, Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Todd Tiahrt, Sarah also did a piece about the involvement of Rep. Jerry Moran.

Well, months later, more has come to the stage about C Street. The C Street house recently lost their tax exempt status that allows these Kansas lawmakers (and many others) to live there so cheaply.

MANHATTAN, Kan. - Today is a day that students all across the Nation will come together for one common goal which is to work for health care reform and call our representatives about it.

Students for Health Care Reform: KSU (Time to Deliver: Students)

Come join us on October, 20th as we organize for health insurance reform! As students we are being called upon to help pass real health care reform THIS YEAR! Gather with other KSU students as we talk with other students asking them to commit to call our members of congress and let them know we want health reform now! NO experience is necessary and training will be provided. We can't wait to see you on October 20th as we work to realize the change we voted for. Yes We Can!

Today at Kansas State University we will be just outside of the Union in Bosco plaza with a table, so stop by between your classes or on your way across campus!

MANHATTAN, Kan. - If you notice in this video Sen. Brownback talks about how terrible human trafficking is, and how people's rights are so important we through helping people we will "save our soul".

I guess Sen. Brownback wasn't too worried about his soul when he voted that rape was ok. I'm not sure what his motives were for protecting rapist from their victims but they are surely mislead.

There are certain things that should not be questioned - like a.) the fact the rape is a terrible thing and b.) that people who commit rapes should not be protected by the law from being sued.

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