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The Generation of Anger?

Great Bend, Kan.- School shootings are happening at a rate of one every two weeks in the United States. Coming upon the first anniversary of the Newtown Connecticut school shooting, which claimed the lives of 26 individuals and left far more with trauma that will last a lifetime, a person can't help but wonder, what is wrong with our society.

Why would a person do this? How could a person give such little value to human life? Perhaps the issue is not that they don't know the value of human life, maybe it is quite the opposite. These shooters know the destruction they are causing. They want others to feel the pain and grief they feel. They know how valuable a persons life is when they choose to take it.

Guns. Mental Health. Violence.

Great Bend, Kan. Let me start by saying I am a gun owner. I grew up with guns. I use to hunt regularly.

Let me add, the NRA blew it yesterday. They blew it big time. They had a chance to address our nation to make some changes. They had the podium and attention of many gun owners in America.

Responsibility is lacking in our Country. We have had numerous shootings this year where young men obtain weapons from family members/friends. Many people in this Country own guns. Most will never shoot anyone. Some will. Those that do, have easy access to guns.

Many of these young men have displayed mental illness/anger previous to the shooting tirades. Many of their family members were aware and chose not to lock up their guns.

healthcare.gifGREAT BEND, Kan. - I dream of a world where facts are checked before inaccurate information is spread. Where people don't fan a flame, just to get a reaction. I dream of a world where people are honest, and interested in politics, not just a 30 second sound bite.

The Supreme Court decided this week President Obama's health care plan is constitutional. (Yes, Rand Paul, the Supreme Court decides what is and what is not constitutional)

Hours after the decision was made, Facebook was flooded with inaccurate cartoons and portrayals of the health care plan. Perhaps the one that is most misleading is the one that states, "President Obama, Congressmen/women, and Senators are exempt from this plan." They are not exempt from holding insurance. This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

GREAT BEND, Kan. - Democracy, Capitalism. Two very American words. Our forefathers and military men and women have fought to keep Communism at bay. What is shocking is to find it, right here in your very own home town

In a tough economy it might make sense to find a way to lower taxes, quit spending on unnecessary items, but we just can't seem to stop. Are politicians in Great Bend trying to spend their way out of a slumping economy?

GREAT BEND, Kan. - Life can get boring if you are afraid of having character. Raising a little hell can keep your spirit in check with your mind. Experience breeds character.

Wall Street protests have been going on for several weeks. Scanning the pictures and crowds, I see many young people. Could it be the next generation is turning off their Facebook and getting involved? So much for tune in, turn on and drop out.

Many of these young people involved went to College with the expectation of a decent job. After they graduated they found they were taking jobs much below their pay grade with a looming college debt, waiting to fall atop them. Sixty-five percent of college grads have college debt when they graduate. Many of my friends depend on the good pay their parents make to help them make ends meet.

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

GREAT BEND, Kan. - Spending more money on solving a problem, than the original problem costs? Sounds like politics to me.

Recently, Florida became the first state to require mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients. Any resident who fails a drug test will no longer receive benefits. Wait, that's not true? When recipients fail two drug screens they will still be able to designate someone else in their family to receive their benefits.

So why would Florida pass a bill such as this?

Public opinion is one reason. Critical thinking skills seem to have been traded in for copy and paste statuses on Facebook.

Reason number two, the governor co-founded the drug testing chain the state is using.

man-reading-newspaper.jpgGREAT BEND, Kan. - Citizen journalism is as American as the First Amendment. It's the truest 'freedom of speech' since it is not sponsored by corporate donors.

Most commercial news sources today are beholden to their advertisers, be they local or corporate. It is tough to fight corruption when corruption is your main source of income. News channel's or newspapers are not the only way to get news nowadays.

Too often, also, commercial newspapers and other corporate sponsored news sources focus on federal level politics. Local politics are pushed aside. Writers on this and similar sites are providing valuable services as they provide articles that are usually of interest to the Kansas public. Kansas Free Press is a fantastic way for citizens to publish information that otherwise would be shelved by commercial media.

flag-house.jpgGREAT BEND, Kan. - How do you celebrate the 4th of July? Is being proud of your country an every day occurrence, or is it one day of waving a Chinese-made American flag?

Many of us can "talk the talk" when it comes to patriotism, but how many can "walk the walk"?

If you do walk, you will need comfortable American-made shoes to do it in.

I am getting ready for vacation to Yellowstone and need to purchase various items for the trip. I searched for only American-made items.

It was much easier than I thought to find great deals. Some American made items are much more expensive than the Chinese version. Some aren't. The items I found were more than affordably priced. I thought I would publish my findings for others to read.

Great Bend Politics Gone Awry

man-sheep-taxpayers.jpgGREAT BEND, Kan. - Corruption in Federal politics is all too common. What really surprises me is when we have possible corruption at a local level. Right here in Great Bend.

All of us know that a corporation named Red Barn came into Great Bend. This week, through research, I found a deed to Mayor Mike Allison's home. What most of us don't know is that Kan-Can Holdings LLC, which owns Red Barn, purchased Mayor Mike Allison's home in February of 2010. Actually, his house was first purchased by a Red Barn executive, and then within a year, completely transferred to the corporation.

When Red Barn came into Great Bend, the city gave Red Barn thousands of dollars in cash incentives (which come out of taxes; citizens in Great Bend pay this) and also hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax incentives (taxes that Red Barn would have owed but will not have to pay).

In essence, Mayor Mike Allison took hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the Great Bend current and future budgets to give to this company. Shortly thereafter, his house was sold to the same corporation.

medicare_protest2.gifGREAT BEND, Kan. - In April, purposed changes were made to Medicare in the House of Representatives. The outlook is bleak for Western Kansas. A recent report from the United States House of Representatives informs us what those changes will look like in the 1st Congressional District in Kansas. This will directly effect you, your parents, and children. Take a look at the numbers.

Under last year's Affordable Care Act, the donut hole for seniors was closed. Under the NEW Republican Medicare plan, the donut hole will be wide open for individuals 54 and older, a voucher program will be instilled to purchase private health insurance.

Who doesn't love red tape or bureaucracy when it comes to their grandparent's receiving health care or insurance?

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