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Democrat news from KS

The latest email is announcing a big reception with Paul Davis in Wichita. That's great, but some of us are 5 hrs and a lot of miles from Wichita. We get 20 or 30 emails per day telling us all the negatives about the opposition spending tons of money and asking us to send in 3, 5, or more dollars to counteract all that opposition funding. We seldom ever get any positive emails or information on intended agenda or positions on issues from the candidates, themselves.

It surely doesn't cost anymore money to send us information on issues discussed, questions asked, candidate's answers, etc. Most of us don't need any information on the negative side of the Republican candidates. I'm sure the majority of us reading KFP are Progressives, Liberals or Independents, who already know what our opinions are of the incumbents or Republicans. Negative political advertising may produce results, but there are some of us who are just plain tired of it.

Give us a positive reason to vote for the Democratic or Independent candidate. I'd rather think I'm voting for someone or something instead of just negatively voting against things. I'm never impressed with single issue candidates, even if I'm in agreement with them on that issue. I've served on Boards that had members who were elected on single issues and those members are seldom good at discussing or solving other issues.

I won't be voting for Brownback, Huelscamp, Roberts, or Kobach. (I'd rather vote for my good old chocolate lab, Bubba! He's big and friendly and doesn't have a mean streak in him. He won't share his meal with the cat, but neither does he try stealing the cat's dish.) But, I would like to know what or who I'm voting for to replace them. If I don't know either candidate, I think it safer to vote for the Democrat, but it would really be nice to know a little something about them, more than just that they need money to fund their campaign.

What better or more economical way could you get positive news to the electorate than email, Kansas Free Press, or Everyday Citizen? Incumbents send out news letters bragging about the positives for themselves (legitimate or not) and all the half truths and negatives about the other side. Newspapers give preference to sitting legislators on their op-ed pages. But, they will, also, print concise and well written letters from candidates and their supporters. Let's not waste the opportunity to present positive ideas and solutions with diatribes about the negatives of the other side. Even partisan biased newspapers will print a few letters from the other side.

With the August 5 primary only a day away, some thoughts of the state of democracy in Kansas seem appropriate. An article in Friday's Wichita Eagle predicting  low turnout for Tuesday's primary, despite heated US Senate and House Republican primaries, indicates that there is a real problem. Here are some thoughts.

 The biggest issue, in my opinion, is the restrictive voter identification laws enacted by Secretary of Sate Kris Kobach, but there are others.

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