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Wow! You didn't know that?

kris-kobach.jpgBOGUE, Kan. - Normally, next month is October. Go to your calendar. Lift the September sheet so's you can see October clearly.

Now carefully count the number of Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you've done it right, there should be five each. So what, you ask? Come back to the present. Kiddo, next month is a rarity.

For the coming 823 years, only this year will October have five Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A good Christian lady in Dodge City assured me she got that from a reliable friend. Pass it along at the coffee shop, but make sure you tell where you learned it. Right here. With luck, all good Americans will know before election day.

Think I'm joking? Yeah, well, our Secretary of State Kris Kobach checked it out.


TOPEKA, Kan. - Just when you think birthers in Kansas cannot sink any lower, a new low appears on the horizon of crazy.

Joe Montgomery of Manhattan wanted to have President Obama's name removed from the November Kansas ballot because Obama's father was born in Kenya. Did you know that President Chester A. Arthur (1829-1886) had a foreign born father, too?

Vice President Chester A. Arthur (R) became the 21st president of the United States after President James Garfield was killed in 1881 by a disappointed office seeker.

President Arthur's father was born in Ireland while his mother was from Vermont. The father was naturalized as an American citizen fourteen years after the birth of Arthur. At the time, a few democrats raised objections about Arthur's citizenship,(there was a rumor he was really born in Canada,too) but he managed to lead the nation without being hounded endlessly by birthers.

The term "natural-born citizen" as a requirement for the presidency, is a phrase not without controversy. However, in ruling after ruling, the standard interpretation is that the person running for president must be born on American soil. Therefore, the term "natural born citizen" applies to the person seeking the office, and not one's parents.

A prominent case often cited in this matter is Lynch v. Clarke which actually had to do with a case before the court involving an inheritance dispute regarding the heirs of Julia Lynch.

Damned If He Does, Damned If He Don't

COLBY, Kan. - Am I the only person who read that more Republican than Democrat governors were fussing for latitude in state authority to deal with unemployment? Senator Roberts is now criticizing the president for giving states more latitude.

A friend of mine was bragging about the South moving from nearly solid Democrat to nearly solid Republican. Is the Republican party of today the Lincoln party of the mid 1800s? The Republicans of Lincoln's time were federalists and the Democrats of the South were demanding States Rights. The Democrats of the South didn't believe in allowing those they considered second class citizens to enjoy the same privileges and rights of the elite. When the Democratic platforms began pushing for equal rights for minorities, the Southerners began defecting to the Republican party.

Today's Republican party doesn't look or smell like the party of 'Bull Moose' Roosevelt, either. He went after monopoly corporations and we had laws protecting the workers rights in industry. Where are the Republicans of today?

Frivolous Objection?

COLBY, Kan. - "I don't think it's a frivolous objection," he said. "I do think the factual record could be supplemented."

What does it take? Mr. Kobach is riding high at the expense of Kansas taxpayers. How many swing votes does he think the Republicans need in Kansas?

My Friend Colleen

WICHITA, Kan. - When my friend Colleen Kelly Johnston died on August 18, 2012, she left behind a huge void that will likely not be filled.

She also left behind her husband James, six children, and many grandchildren and great-children as well as a large circle of friends, all of whom loved her.

More importantly, she left behind her influence on those of us who looked to her for strength, guidance, and inspiration as we became involved in the many liberal and feminist movements that have marked the years since the '60s.

Rev. Brownback's Pious Ogallala Rhetoric

sam-brownback.jpgBOGUE, Kan. - For three plus decades I've been following the mining of the historically, sadly over-appropriated Ogallala. For 18 years I wasted time serving conscientiously on the Solomon Basin Advisory Committee, one of few such BAC's in western Kansas not dominated by irrigation interests. Our recommendations went exactly nowhere. I heard enough pious rhetoric even then. Governor Brownback is offering more now.

I clipped for my pious rhetoric file an Aug. 24 front page story by Hays Daily News' Mike Corn, "Gov. pleads to conserve Ogallala." Soooo sweet of him to plead.

Brownback drools right-wingy political ambition. He thinks he deserves to be President. His preachery concern about the Ogallala is a self-serving part of that. Sounds heavenly, but ain't worth a poop, practically speaking. The mining continues and will until somebody grows some 'nads. Don't count on Sam.

Pep Rally Is Over: Game Begins

COLBY, Kan. - The Democrats, just like the Republicans, have come away from their pep rally with the hope that they have fired up the team. The crowd was behind them in the rally. The question now is: Will the expanded crowd that wasn't at the convention, in person, have caught the fever and enthusiasm?

As Dr. Mark Hansen pointed out at the Colby Community College's "Max Pickerell Lecture Series" the other night, the older generations of both parties tend to be in the center and more moderate than the younger generations. We (the older generation) are more aware of historical trends. I'm not nearly as excitable as I was some sixty years ago. We have survived a lifetime of failures and successes, and the sun is still rising in the east and setting in the west on a predictable schedule. We have learned to adapt to the changing seasons, heat cycles and cold cycles. We haven't always predicted, with absolute accuracy, the conditions and haven't always been prepared with proper adaptation.

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