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Campaign Baloney

By Vickie Stangl
Analysis | January 13, 2012

WICHITA, Kan. - According to the Wichita Eagle, Congressman Mike Pompeo is announcing an 'America Flies' aviation campaign.

That's right. Pompeo seems to think Americans need to be educated about what an indispensable asset aviation is for Wichita and America as well.

Yes, just after Boeing stuck it to the people of Wichita and has run out of Dodge with its Tanker deal, Pompeo has shown real political courage by reminding us how much we rely on the aviation industry for jobs and the need to bow down and prostrate ourselves to the gods of aviation.

This "I love airplanes and flying along with my congressional job" campaign, is an about face from last week's performance of outrage and protestations. Pompeo, along with other politicians were lined up like jilted lovers.

This week, we are encouraged to start sucking up and feeling the love or who knows what other shoe will drop-especially on Pompeo's head.

The real motivation behind this campaign is for Mike to soften the political landscape where on his watch-Boeing walked. One of the best components to his bogus campaign is the opportunity to attack President Obama. Obama had the nerve to criticize corporate CEOs for flying around in corporate jets while the American people were losing their homes and the ability to send their kids to college. That dastardly Obama! How dare he attack corporate heads flying around in the very planes that provide work for the great unwashed masses. Never mind the fact that Boeing and other American companies are deserting American communities for cheaper labor sources or switching to offshore locations to squeeze out more profit and add to the record breaking profit margins CEOs experienced this year in America.

The message Pompeo is really sending with this campaign is that times are tough and we need to remember who butters our bread. No one knows better than Pompeo who is buttering his congressional race with donations.

It would be far more worthy to put forth a campaign on diversifying industries in Wichita and Kansas. There is nothing wrong with working to attract more suppliers and manufacturers within the aviation industry but, do we really need a campaign just for the aviation industry? It's just redundant. We get it. The fact that aviation jobs are highly skilled and provide good wages and thus a strong middle-class in America is lost on no one in Wichita.

We also understand the need to fly in America because we have no trains. How else are we to quickly travel from coast to coast or get out of Kansas? Aviation has a lock on transportation in America and we have no choice but to sit in sardine cans if we need to travel long distances.

It would be far more exciting and innovating to see Pompeo think outside the box and usher in a campaign to support high speed rail on the Great Plains, or attracting auto manufacturing firms to Wichita that make electric, biodisesel or hybrid cars.

Our elected officials could start by supporting innovative entrepreneurs like Wichitan Jonathan Goodwin whose company,H-Line Conversions was featured in the online magazine FastCompany.com, by Clive Thompson in 2007? The story begins with, "Jonathan Goodwin can get 100mpg out of a Lincoln Continental, cut emissions by 80% and double the horsepower." The question after the quote was, "Does the car business have the guts to follow him?" I guess not.

If there is one thing we can count on in Kansas politics, it's all about protecting the same old companies with the same old political baloney in order for Kansas politicians to keep their political seats.


Pompeo and baloney go together like peanut butter and jelly. I can just hear his advisers as they sit around a table trying to figure how to blunt the damage done to his campaign by Boeing's leaving Wichita. I wouldn't count on him losing the election, though. His faithful followers will forgive him, especially those who are anti-choice, right-wing Christians. Nothing trumps that.

So true. A good progressive would never have a chance even if they had millions to spend and the backing of an Eisenhower. The democrats always select someone who is about as conservative as a republican in the hopes that it will attract republican voters but unless a candidate is fanatical about ending abortions and God Blessing America ever second-there is little hope of winning in Kansas.

Come on ladies, don't be so negative! Yes, we democrats and progressives are definetley in the minority. But, don't allienate those moderates who tend to not be as far right as the "moral majority", right-wing Christians, etc.

I agree, Pompeo is a pompous politician who has no feeling for individual rights, unless those individuals let him decide their morals and conscience. I agree that our State politicians have been very active in 'pork barrel' legislation for Kansas. They fought valiantly for special considerations for Boeing Airplane Company and Wichita. But, now they are denying the freedom of that company to run their own business. I don't like them leaving our State, but, do they have autonomy to run their own business?

I don't agree with the pompous religious folks who think they should set the moral standards for everyone else, using only their narrow interpretation of religious standards. But labeling all Christians as the problem is not being fair.

I have my own strict moral standards that are definetly influenced by my religious conscience, but if I can't convince others by my example of those standards being best for society, then perhaps I need to clean up my own act instead of trying to force others by law to accept my standards.

Ken, if every Christian were as open minded and fair as you, it would be a wonderful world. I cannot continually add in my writing that I am not including every Christian in my condemnation. I suppose I could write "Some Christians but it would be as if I had to write some republicans, some democrats and continuly add these words so as not to offend anyone. I hope it is assumed that I am writing in general terms and I do not mean to malign every Christian out there becasue that is not the intent. If you can think of another way to write where we can distinguish between those Christians who support women's reproductive choices and separation of church and state versus those who don't,then that would make my life easier too when it comes to writing about the Christian community

I would make a terrible politician because I am not politcally correct where I sling my arrows. There are some very fine democrats and progressives and moderates but my beef is not with them but the one's who do not stand up for women they way they do for those with concerns about labor,race and edcuation issues. The issues that most impact women's lives are always expendable and do not intend to let those moderates or democrats off the hook.

Hey, Vickie, there is only one place where I disagree with you--the first sentence of your last paragraph in your reply.You would NOT make a terrible politician! You would be terrific, and I would like to encourage you to file for office and start to make a difference now. You are sharp, verbal, incisive, and have a true passion for the causes in which you believe.
And the rest of you Readers, what do you think of that? Shall we start a draft Vickie movement right now? This is the year when we need to recruit the best and the brightest.Let's go for it!

I second the nomination, Ethel. Vickie is perfect for public office. I can just see her now on the floor of the Statehouse letting those knotheads know how knotheaddy they are. I can also hear her saying, "Oh,no. Not another thing to do."

Ethel I am both flattered and appalled!HA Only if Diane would be my campaign manager. But seriously, I lack the two essential elements to win public office in Kansas: I am not a republican and I am not a Christian-thus I would not have a chance. Thank you for the great compliment.

Vickie, labels do not guarantee quality — not republican not christian —. I guess you would just have to wooo the repubs with solid reasoning and fighting for equality. And, it might surprise you how many Christians don't adhere to the idea that government and government officials must be religiously correct (RC).

I would support you all the way on protection of the non religious, or more specifially,the non Christian, from government enforcement of laws based soley on religious canon.

You would lose my support if you allowed government to restrict the freedom of any religious group to practice their beliefs, so long as they were not harming others. I'm sure I wouldn't have to worry about that happening.


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