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Kansans Are Tired!

By Kari Ann Rinker
Advocacy | May 24, 2011

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas NOW is "TIRED" of legislators, who in efforts to pass their moral agenda, ignore the horrifying reality of crimes such as rape.

In a recent House debate, Representative Pete DeGraaf (R- Mulvane) told women that they should plan ahead for pregnancies that they can't control. Representative Barbara Bollier (R - Mission Hills) pointed out that the insurance restrictions on abortion that were being debated did not make exceptions for unintended pregnancies (such as those resulting from rape or incest), and the two exchanged the following remarks:

Rep. Pete DeGraaf replied, "We do need to plan ahead, don't we, in life?"

Bollier asked him, "And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?"

DeGraaf then responded, "I have a spare tire on my car."

"I also have life insurance," he added. "I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for."

Join us in telling Rep. DeGraaf to "keep your spare, women would rather have their dignity."

For every $5 that Kansas NOW receives, we will buy and personally deliver a model car size "spare" tire to Representative DeGraaf.

Donations can be made online at www.ksnow.org on the "You Can Help" tab through our website's Paypal or by mailing a check to:

Kansas NOW
PO Box 1860
Wichita, KS 67201

Please note "TIRED!" in the memo line of your check. Your donations will help us continue to battle such extremism in Topeka.


Ignorance and ideology is a sad reality for many people.

Kari Ann--Thank you for continuing to stand up for women. I do believe most Kansans are also tired of the injustice that has taken place this legislative session.

I think I've said it before, "the majority seems to always get what they want, regardless of precedence or rules."

Sad to say, that is all too common in both political parties, many religious organizations, social clubs, service clubs, families, etc. etc.

I do agree with you on the issues you addressed with your Kansans Are Tired article. Keep on writing. I reserve the right to agree or disagree on main articles or comments submitted. Sometimes, if the presenter does a good job of presenting their opinion, I am compelled to readjust my thinking. That's what our KansasFreePress is designed to do. As long as we are respectful and committed to reasonable truth in what we write, our freedom of speech is being upheld and practiced.

"did not make exceptions for unintended pregnancies"

Unintended pregnancies is a lot bigger group than just rape. You've ignored the context of the statement.

And comparing rape to changing a tire is disturbing. I'm appalled that anyone in their right mind doesn't see the difference. Having someone insert a sexual organ of theirs into your backside is as insufficient as forgetting to put a spare in your car? C'mon, give me a break.

"Should I be able to say that YOU cannot have insurance for that?"

Nobody is saying you cannot have insurance for anything. They are saying that they don't want to subsidize certain elective coverages (abortion) by spreading the cost of the risk into their risk pool when they will never choose to have that procedure.

If your child or wife were raped and needed an abortion they would be one of the statistics. (1 out of 3)

I don't believe that you should have treatment for cancer, I believe if God gives you cancer then you should just die, he is calling you up to heaven. (Obviously, I don't believe this, but some religions do. Do they have a right to say that you cannot have that coverage? A person with cancer is spreading their cost to the whole pool. It is none of the Gov't's business!)

Not wanting to "subsidize certain elective coverages" is saying that we cannot have insurance for a LEGAL medical procedure.

Nice way to get the government involved more in our lives!

There is such a thing as cancer insurance - google it (if I include a link, it moderates my comment). When you buy that insurance, you are segregating that risk from the rest of the pool. Just like Humana allows me to opt out of pregnancy insurance if I want to. Child birth is expensive, and elective - why should I pay for that if I never intend to use it? Why should a single gay man have to pay higher insurance rates because someone else in his pool might get pregnant? The government isn't getting involved in that decision at all.

So child birth and abortion are both elective? So what is a woman to do if she doesn't have the "right" kind of insurance. The gov't is getting involved in the decision by forcing insurance companies NOT to cover abortions.

I have been raped and would never wish that upon anyone. However, perhaps you need to watch your judgement about women who have been raped as it could happen to anyone (including your family members).

My insurance covers if I were to have cancer, a broken leg or anything in between. What is the point of having insurance if you have to buy something for each individual thing. Repairing a broken leg is elective surgery.

It may be uncomfortable to keep a kid in your belly for 18 years if you dont have the "right" kind of insurance....I mean if you don't have, birthing insurance, or abortion insurance, what other options do you have?

"if you don't have, birthing insurance, or abortion insurance, what other options do you have"

Pay for it yourself.

Cancer insurance is a real thing - the government didn't create that thru some quasi-religious argument. Buying individual event insurance might be a hassle for some folks. But for people who chose not to cover things or know that some coverages will never apply to them (pregnancy being one, substance abuse counselling is another common one) - its a great way to reduce the cost of insuring your health.

I can't talk about this any longer. Having lived through a rape, and hearing these man's words (which I heard with my own ears, before I read this article) makes me nauseated, and makes me understand why it occurs so often.

? The last comment I made was not in regard to you, it was in regard to the State Representative that made the original comments.

Also, cancer insurance is usually an additional insurance that will cover your loss of income as well as additional cost of treatment. In other words it doesn't take the place of your original insurance. (Someone I work with just told me that, they had it)

I feel like an idiot for posting so much LOL, rape is a serious topic for me having been through it, and to hear those words from a State Rep is humiliating and insulting. Comparing preparedness for rape (the complications of rape) to the complications of having a flat tire. A flat tire is not a living being, I am. Have a good day, I better stop writing.

Editors Note: Parts of some of these comments and some actual whole comments have been deleted or edited on this page. While the topics of reproductive rights and women's rights can bring on some emotionally-based remarks, this site honors every writer's desire to write with passion, emotion and concern. Therefore, no comments have been edited or deleted here simply due to the opinions of the writer or the emotionality of the language.

However, the comments that were indeed changed were edited due to the "ad hominems" included. In other words, whenever disparaging or attacking remarks are made about another writer (or commenter), these are disallowed by policy.

As stated, we honor the passion of all writers and commenters but encourage everyone to focus their passions and words on the issues - and not on one another. Though it can be challenging, we encourage everyone to refrain from remarking directly about one another's character.

For more information about our policies prohibiting "attacks against others" please read these sections of our FAQ page here:

What kind of comments or commenters will get barred?

You have a "no jerks" rule - but, what does that really mean?

Thank you to everyone for this lively give and take debate (sans the ad hominems)!

Pamela, you're doing a great job!

I'd like to point out something. Ad hominem is pretty obscure Latin for an old country boy that took High School Latin, some 60 years ago.

We are all pretty prone to defend our personal considerations, even in the absence of fact or reason.

Kari and Vicky have opened up a lively discussion that provokes a few personal opinions that prove everyone doesn't agree on the facts or reasons behind the other fellow's opinions.

Ken, you are right. It's a tricky tightrope to walk when asking people to avoid "ad hominems" (or attacks at another human being).

It is just fine to defend personal opinions, and do so only with emotions, omitting any reference to fact or reason. Emotionality is OK! Emotionality is good! Speaking from the heart without fact or reason is perfectly OK! This is not a college class! This is life. In life, leading with the heart is fine and it is certainly fine on these pages.

Though it's often hard to know where to draw the line, we try to draw a distinction between strong statements about an issue and strong negative statements about another writer. The former (about an issue) are OK while the latter (about a writer) are not.

I hope if I have overused the delete button here that people will forgive me. The line is a difficult one to walk!

Pamela, without emotions we are a biological phenomena that consumes what's in front of us and excrete it behind us. The ones following us do the same thing. May as well be single cell amoeba.

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