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KS NOW PAC Endorses Both Republicans and Democrats

By Pamela Jean
News | July 26, 2010

kansas-state-capitol-2.jpgHAYS, Kan. - Today, the Kansas NOW Political Action Committee announced its endorsements for the candidates running in the 2010 primary and general elections. Kari Ann Rinker, state coordinator of Kansas NOW, explains, "These endorsements indicate the PAC's approval of candidates who are, or promise to be, leaders in promoting NOW's issues, or candidates whose voting records, if they exist, demonstrate this support."

Kansas candidates were asked to respond to 7 survey questions and provide comments. The PAC's survey questions addressed issues such as gender equality, access to reproductive health care and legislation reducing violence against women.

Once the surveys were tabulated and reviewed by the KS NOW PAC Committee, decisions were made to endorse 45 Kansas Democrats and 11 Kansas Republicans. For the complete list of endorsements, click here.

The Kansas NOW PAC did not endorse candidates in every race. In some cases, surveys were not returned and therefore not considered, or all surveys for a particular race may have been considered unworthy of a nod by the PAC.

State Endorsements:

State Governor - Tom Holland (D)

State Senate District 7 - Terrie Huntington (R)

State House District 3 - Julie Menghini (D)
State House District 10 - Tony Brown (D)
State House District 14 - Elliot Lahn (D)
State House District 15 - Steve Wright (D)
State House District 16 - Gene Rardin (D)
State House District 17 - Jill Quigley (R)
State House District 18 - Cindy Neighbor (D)
State House District 19 - Dolores Furtado (D)
State House District 20 - Rob McKnight (D)
State House District 20 - Stephanie Sawyer-Clayton (R)
State House District 22 - Lisa Benlon (D)
State House District 23 - Milack Talia (D)
State House District 24 - Michael Foltz (R)
State House District 25 - Barbara Bollier (R)
State House District 28 - Elise Chapline (D)
State House District 29 - Sheryl Spalding (R)
State House District 32 - Louis Ruiz (D)
State House District 33 - Tom Burroughs (D)
State House District 34 - Valdenia Winn (D)
State House District 35 - Broderick Henderson (D)
State House District 38 - Roberta Eveslage (D)
State House District 39 - Joe Novak (D)
State House District 43 - Kevin King (D)
State House District 44 - Barbara Ballard (D)
State House District 45 - Tom Sloan (R)
State House District 46 - Paul Davis (D)
State House District 53 - Ann Mah (D)
State House District 55 - Annie Kuether (D)
State House District 56 - Annie Tietze (D)
State House District 57 - Sean Gatewood (D)
State House District 58 - Harold Lane (D)
State House District 59 - Blossum Barth (D)
State House District 60 - Don Hill (R)
State House District 65 - Larry Hicks (D)
State House District 66 - Sydney Carlin (D)
State House District 67 - Tom Hawk (D)
State House District 69 - Gerrett Morris (D)
State House District 71 - Charlie Roth (R)
State House District 78 - Ed Trimmer (D)
State House District 81 - Zach Ketteman (D)
State House District 84 - Gail Finney (D)
State House District 86 - Judith Loganbill (D)
State House District 88 - Jim Ward (D)
State House District 89 - Melody McCray-Miller (D)
State House District 91 - Dan Manning (D)
State House District 92 - Nile Dillmore (D)
State House District 95 - Melany Barnes (D)
State House District 96 - Brandon Whipple (D)
State House District 97 - Geraldine Flaharty (D)
State House District 101 - Curt Miller (D)
State House District 103 - Ponka-We Victors (D)
State House District 109 - Trey Allen Joy (R)
State House District 112 - Christina Stein (D)
State House District 121 - Brenda McCants (R)

Lisa Hecht, chair of the Topeka chapter of NOW, reviewed the endorsements and remarked, "I really like seeing that the PAC has endorsed both Republicans and Democrats." She said that it's a hopeful sign when legislators from both sides of the aisle are willing to stand up for equal rights.

Kansas NOW is a membership driven organization and a chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), based in Washington DC. NOW has 500,000 contributing members and 550 chapters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Since its founding in 1966, NOW's goal has been to take action to bring about equality for all women.

Rinker summarizes the importance of these endorsements by the NOW PAC, "It is vital that we work within the political process to unseat those elected officials that work to deny Kansas women their rights and true equality in society."

The Kansas NOW works through its grassroots membership, its lobbying at the state legislature and through its PAC to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace, schools, the justice system, and all other sectors of society; secure abortion, birth control and reproductive rights for all women; end all forms of violence against women; eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia; and promote equality and justice for all citizens in Kansas regardless of gender, sexual preference or ethnicity.


Just got a robo-call push-poll bashing Jean Schodorf on her choice record, obviously came from the Pompeo campaign as he was the only other "choice" offered in the "poll." Did not say who paid for it -- hope the AG is interested!

Voters who have not declared a party on their registration can show up at the polls and vote a balloot for either party. Just sayin'. You can always wash your hands (and change back to unaffiliated) after the primary, but if "Mexico Mike" the sleazemaster wins the GOP primary we'll be stuck with him for quite a while, and he makes Tiahrt look both clean and moderate.

This isn't correct. Unaffiliateds--or those who have not declared a party on their registration--may only cast a ballot in the Democratic primary. Republican primaries in Kansas are closed to anyone who is not a registered Republican. Do not show up and expect to vote Republican: you will be turned down to vote in the Republican primary.

The Ellis County Clerk's office just confirmed to me that unaffiliated voters can declare themselves Republicans at the polls and vote in the Republican primary. This would change their status to Republican unless they change it back. It is too late for affiliated registrants, such as Democrats, to change their status for the August primary.

What Darrell said, precisely. Levi, you're wrong. Unaffiliated voters can ALWAYS show up at the polls in a primary and choose to vote either ballot. THIS IS SETTLED STATE LAW, and has been thus for decades. Doing so requires declaring a party affiliation at the polls to get that party's ballot ... but you can change back to "Unaffiliated" the next day if you like (after washing your hands).

Either party can (if they choose) open up their primary to unaffiliated voters, but that is done on an election-by-election basis by the parties themselves. I believe the KS Democratic Party has designated this primary as one of those elections, if so you can vote the Democratic balloton August 3 without changing from Unaffiliated to Democrat. And if you are Unaffiliated you can ALWAYS declare a party at the polls and vote that ballot, regardless of whether or not that party has "opened" their primary.

What you can NOT do is show up on August 3rd as a registered Democrat or Republican and vote the OTHER party's ballot.

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